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Item: VMI023
Name: Crema Marfil
Area: Spain
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China VCT STONE COMPANY is an directly Manufacturer , Exporter, Supplier, Factory , Prefabricator and Producer of Worldwide Granite Marble Slate Pebble Sandstone Travertine Limestone products ,and Kitchen ,Bathroom Products such as stainless steel sink,Cabinet (cabinetary),Ceramic sink etc,from China. Our products are for export, Mainly Market are in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia ,Africa etc, includes Granite & Tile ,Slab, Marble tiles & Slabs, Stone Prefabricated Kitchen Bar Countertops , Bathroom & Restroom Custom Vanity ,Bar tops, Island tops ,Tub Surround(Shower Panels),Window Sill, Granite sinks, Bowls, Basins, and Slate Quartzite Travertine Sandstone Limestone Tile, Mushroom slabs , Culture Slate, Meshed tile, Stone Mosaic , fireplace ,Sculpture, Column, Cobblestone, Paving Stone, tumbled Stone, Pebble meshed Tiles, Pebble Tile,etc for Residence ,hotel, Condominium, Square, Hospital and others Building ,Wall and Floors etc and also have some accessory for kitchen ,bathroom Products such as Stainless steel sink,Ceramic sink (porcelain Bowl), Faucets, Cabinets......All are top Quality, and Premier service, Competitive Price! Granite is-quite literally-as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. Granite tile & granite slab is a natural granite stone product from China and Around the World. China VCT Stone Company is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of stone products and Exporting Quality variety of Granite Tiles, Slabs ,Cut-to-size, random length ,slab with Granite Colors, size such as 12"X12"X3/8" (305X305mm), 18"X18"X3/8" (457X457X10mm), 24"X24" (600X600mm) and small slab 60-90cm width and free length and slabs 5'upX10'up (120cmupX240cmup) etc ,all kinds of slabs granite colors & Measurement ! Various stone granite marble surface are available in field of flamed, polished, honed, sandblast, bush-hammered ,fine pick etc. Granite colors includes Black Yellow White Brown Green Grey Purple Brown Light Dark with Highly Quality Granite tiles & slabs, for large Volume buyers from USA, Canada, Europe, Asia ,Africa, Mid-East area. It is suitable for Exterior and interior design flooring, Wall. VCT Stone( Granite Tiles,Slabs) is designed for residential and commercial flooring applications. It is ideally suited for extreme conditions, as it resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish indefinitely. These granite tiles & slabs come from China, Brazil, India, Norway, Finland, Egypt turkey, Iran ,Finland,South Africa,etc. More items are supplied such as Golden Sand, Pandang dark, Blue Pearl,Tan Brown,Baltic Brown,Tropic Brown,Absolutely Black, Galaxy Black,Maple Red,Multicolor Red,Saphire Brown,Kashmire gold or White,Antico Brown, Café Imperial, Giallo Cecilla, Giallo Veneziano, Imperial Brown,Emerald Pearl, etc. What we supply are Top Quality and Competitive price, if you are a big importer or buyer or wholersaler or shop-retailer, it is best that you can find us, We offer you bottom Price. All prices are negotiated as per colors choosed & Size choosed , Quantity ordered! Do Best for you. Marble is a natural stone in a class by itself, and for an air of sophistication and artistry, marble is the classic choice. Marble tiles and slabs are ornate and alluring with a naturally elegant appearance, and are suitable for a variety of effects. For an application such as a front hallway or foyer, marble tile flooring certainly sets an affluent and professional tone. Popular choices for unique, eye-catching statements in more casual settings as well, you can imagine the stunning effect of a marble tile floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or recreation room. Veined with rivulets of subtle color on varied background of earthy tones, marble tile flooring and marble slabs can be a subtle or a bold feature in the modern designer's vision. VCT Stone EXPORT Cheap marble tile, high quality marble Cut-to-size tiles and slabs for flooring Wall products , sold in a pallet and container big Quantities! This is Natural Stone, For Lobby ,Hall, Floor, House,Wall etc. As one of the main supplier of China Marble, Marble Tiles, Marble Slabs , and other countries marble tile and slab in colors blue, black, white, beige, Cream, Yellow, Green colors etc and surface with polished tumbled, flamed,honed etc We have more Chinese marble color and other countries' color for your choice, These Marble from worldwide such as Egypt Spain India Iran Turkey China , size such as 12"x12"x3/8", 18"x18",24"x24" (30x60cm, 60x60cm )and 4" upx8"up ( 1200x2400mm) slab , also cover laminated marble with Aluminum (honeycomb) plastic , Laminated marble with Aluminum Plastic and Ceramic, Granite. Usually selling to Mid-East, American, Europe Market! But one shortage of Marble is with variety of colors with every marble , difficult to control their colors! WE have: Apollo, Emperador/Brecha Maron, On dagata Light, Landsapte green, Cream Luna,Light Emperador,Rosalia,Red Alicante/rojo Alicante,Bianco Carrara,Volakas, Aristone, Venata White,Crystal White,Galala, Perlato Sf,Sunny Yellow, Crema Marfil, Perlato Svevo, Botticino Classic, Monarch Beige, Serppegiante, Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Shukuh Levanto, Rosso Verona, Royal Botticino, Spun Gold Beige, New Sago Beige, Rosa Norwegian, Arabescato Corchia ,sunset Beige, Dragon Yellow, Our marble flooring tiles are priced much competitive than anywhere else because VCT is a directly supplier ,Manufacturer from quarries and delivers to you at the best possible wholesale prices. Welcome Enquiry, Welcome order! VCT Stone EXPORT and Process various Travertine tile,limestone Slabs tiles etc high quality marble Cut-to-size tiles and slabs for flooring Wall products . Limestone and Travertines are natural materials formed millions of years ago under water. Generally speaking, these materials are somewhat softer than granite and marble (with the exception of certain limestones that possesss properties similar to the hardest granite), but are very durable nonetheless. Travertines are fast becoming one of the most preferred stone products because of its combined beauty, versatility, and unsurpassed durability. Travertines are perhaps the most diverse of all stones due to their wide range of application, from elegance to the "old world look" that is becoming very popular in upscale homes. These stones are available in slabs and tile sizes ranging from 24"x24" down to 3/8"x3/8". Travertine is being used in every room of the home as well as outside patio's, pool decks, and even cladding on the house.